Interview of Wayne Carlson by Robert W. Butche

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Dr. Wayne Carlson obtained both his masters and doctoral degrees at The Ohio State University in 1975 and 1981. In 1988 he joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Information Science Department and replaced Chuck Csuri as the Chair of the Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design in 1991. Carlson's research interest was the development of computer graphics. He was a member of an inter-disciplinary team, the Computer Graphics Research Group, that was among the national leaders in the development of the arts and sciences of computer graphics


Wayne Brown: computer graphics (p. 5) -- Larry Cuba: animation artist (pp. 37-38) -- Charles “Chuck” Csuri: computer graphics visionary, mentioned throughout -- Tom Defonte: worked on Grass animation system (pp. 30-31, 37) -- Michael Girrard: computer graphics (p. 26) -- Mark Howard: innovator of frame buffers (pp. 24, 27-28) -- Ferdis Keepers: computer graphics (pp. 5, 40) -- Manfred Knemeyer: animator (p. 31) -- Bob McGee: Professor of Electrical Engineering, innovator in gait studies (p. 25) -- James Miller: mathematician (p. 12) -- Jerry Moorsdorf (p. 30) -- Bob Reynolds: Professor of Physics at OSU (p. 18) -- Satee Ragafachary: computer graphics (p. 5) -- Frank Selser: animation expert (p. 40) -- James Schaffer: mathematician (pp. 12, 30) -- Stoddheimer: inventor of a real time playback device (p. 23)


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