HIGH RESOLUTION SPECTRA OF NITROUS OXIDE AND OF THE ISOTOPIC SPECIES$^{l4}N^{l5}H^{16}_{O},^{15}N_{2}^{16}O$, $^{15}N^{14}N^{16}O$ IN THE REGION $3000 cm^{-1} - 8000 cm^{-1}$

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High resolution spectra of nitrous oxide and of the three isotopic species $^{l4}N^{l5}N^{16}_{O}$, ${}^{15}N_{14}N^{l6}O$ have been recorded with the Fourier transform interferometer of Laboratoire Aim\’{e} Cotton, Absorption path lengths ranging from 10M to 50M were employed with gas pressures of 1T to 100T for the normal form and equal to 3T for the isotopes. The rotational analysis of the bands was performed with a line identification program written for IBM 370/168 computer. Forty-eight Levels of $^{14}N_{2}^{16}O$$^{*}$ twenty-eight levels for each isotopic species were analyzed. Several Local Coriolis resonances have been found in the course of the analysis. These data are used in the determination of the potential function with the programs of A. Chedin and Z, Cilha for linear XYZ molecules.


$^{*}$C. Amiot and G. Guelachvili, J. Mol Spectrosc. (to be published)
Author Institution: Laboratoire de Physique, Mol\'{e}culaire et d'Optique Atmosph\'{e}rique B\^{a}timent 221.