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Unlike other large cities, Columbus lacks a community science festival. Consequently, we have organized the JW Family Science Extravaganza as a proof-in-principle of such an event. Now in its fourth year, the JW Family Science Extravaganza is a satellite event of the USA Science and Engineering Festival. The event is held in an elementary school within the Hilliard City Schools district and features over twenty inquiry based activities for students and their families to explore.


IMPACT. 1: Support K-5 STEM education in the Hilliard school district. -- 2. Foster exploration of science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics as a shared experience between students and their family members. -- 3. Serve as a model for the diversity of genders, ethnicities, and races in STEM fields. Promote the fun of STEM exploration and investigation.
OSU PARTNERS: NEURO (Neuroscience Education for Urban and Rural Outreach); OSU Kappa Phi Kappa Alpha Eta chapter; OSU Food Science Club; OSU Society of Women in Physics; OSU Women in Engineering; OSU Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Hilliard School System; JW Reason Elementary PTO; Columbus State Community; College; WBNS-TV; Nationwide Children's Hospital; NASA; COSI; Columbus Parks and Recreation Department; EvalSolutions Inc.
PRIMARY CONTACT: Robert Pyatt (rob.pyatt@osumc.edu)



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