Centennial Symposium: Scientific Basis of Service Delivery for Older Adults

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These papers illustrate the opportunities for scholars and scientists of the various disciplines to examine the personal and societal problems confronting this ever increasing aging population segment. Gandee et al. examine the relationships among the older adults' motor skill performance, quality of life, and self-selected recreation activities. Caramela-Miller and Darr highlight the complexities of the barriers of bureaucracy in the aging service networks and in Medicare which prevent aging individuals from acquiring needed services. Newman and Newman present an outcome evaluation model to promote and enhance the delivery of services for older adults. In the concluding paper of the series, Deitchman highlights the complexity of the information seeking skills required for older adults to solve and resolve problems within the delivery system. The series presents a glimpse of the many research questions that will confront scholars and scientists of the 21st century.


Author Institution: The Ohio Academy of Science, for the Centennial Annual Meeting



The Ohio Journal of Science. v93, n3 (June, 1993), 60-60