Geochemical Investigation of the Lower Cuyahoga River, Cleveland, Ohio

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Fifty-four surface and near-bottom water samples from the lower Cuyahoga River were collected in the early spring of 1974. The distribution of K, Na, Ca, Mg and Zn with respect to water depth and location in the river was investigated. The average concentrations of K, Na, and Zn of the surface samples are slightly higher than those of the near-bottom samples. Correlation between element concentration and distance along the river indicates that Mg stays nearly constant and other elements fluctuate, particularly along the sections with local industries. The sharp drop of K and Na contents in near-bottom samples near the river's mouth could be caused by the intrusion of cooler lake water. pH values of water samples were slightly alkaline, ranging from 6.98 to 7.45. The average concentrations of K, Na, Ca, Mg, and Zn of the lower Cuyahoga River were 6.2, 60.8, 58.2, 15.0, and 0.020 ppm respectively. These values are considerably higher than those of the mid-lake water of Lake Erie.


Author Institution: Department of Geology, Cleveland State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v76, n2 (March, 1976), 57-62