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In reviewing yearly the applications of infrared spectroscopy, its steady growht in utility is demonstrated by the number of published papers. In 1949, 274 publications were cited compared with 354 in 1950 and 419 in 1951. A somewhat static instrumentation outlook was suddenly changed during the year by the introduction of the Walsh principle which may even be applied to double beam spectrophotometers. This may well make grating resolution readily obtainable on simple prism instruments. Polarization studies on crystals were made and many spectra reported on inorganic materials. Over fifty classes of molecules were studied and reported from a qualitative standpoint exclusive of those on which vibrational analyses were made. About fifteen specific quantitative analyses were described along with several general papers on principles. Chelation and hydrogen bonding studies continued to be of interest and value. Biological applications of infrared methods increased during the year with even complex protein structures being studied. With the tremendous activity in the field of polymers and fibers an increase in infrared work was found to result. Reactions and combustion studies were continued. Absorption intensities are being measured and used extensively in several laboratories on several different types of problems. Activity in the theoretical and molecular vibrations fields has not lessened in spite of the growing complexity of molecules left to investigate. A number of examples illustrating some of the major applications of infrared spectroscopy to chemical problems will be given.


Author Institution: Stamford Resarch Laboratories, American Cynamid Company