Interview of Nancy H. Rogers by Evelyn Freeman

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Ohio State University Archives

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Nancy H. Rogers began her career at Ohio State in 1975 as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law. She became an Assistant Professor in 1976 in Ohio State's College of Law. Rogers discusses her time as a law professor and her experiences in the posts of Vice Provost for Academic Administration (assumed in 1999), and of Dean (assumed in 2001). Rogers also served as Attorney General for the State of Ohio (assumed in 2008). She retired from her faculty position in 2012. Rogers discusses her law career before her time teaching at Ohio State, including the public controversy she experienced when she became the first female law clerk to a Federal District Judge in the Northern District of Ohio. Rogers also was the first female to serve as Dean of Ohio State's College of Law.


Interview conducted at The Ohio State University Archives, Columbus, Ohio.