Effects of Node Position on Lateral Bud Outgrowth in the Decapitated Shoot of Ipomoea nil

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The effects of node position and initial bud size on lateral bud outgrowth were studied following the release of apical dominance by decapitation of the main shoot of Ipomoea nil just above each of the first six nodes. Position effects were found. The greatest outgrowth occurred during a four-day period in the buds at the middle and higher nodes, with the least growth occurring in the bud at the lowest and oldest node. Variation in leaf number had no effect. Although initial bud size appears to have some influence over the outgrowth of lateral buds following decapitation, age and the associated factor of inhibitor content probably play a more significant role.


Author Institution: Department of Plant Biology, The Ohio State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v93, n1 (March, 1993), 11-13