SIMULTANEOUS ANALYSIS OF $2\nu_{2}, 2\nu_{5}$ AND $\nu_{2} + \nu_{5}$ OF $CH_{3}Br$

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Previous studies of the parallel bands $2\nu_{2}$ and $2\nu_{5}{^{0}}$ by the two first authors have been completed by the analysis of the weaker perpendicular band $\nu_{2} + \nu_{5}$, centered near 2745 $cm^{-1}$, which was recorded using the Littrow instrument of the University of Tennessee. It is well known, that the $v_{2} = 1$ and $v_{5} = 1$ states of methyl-bromide are linked by a x-y type Coriolis interaction. Therefore, in the 2500-2900 $cm^{-1}$ range, the levels $(v_{2} = 2), (v_{5} = 2, \ell_{5} = 0), (v_{5} = 2, \ell_{5} = \pm 2), (v_{5} = v_{2} = 1, \ell_{5} = \pm 1)$ are linked by a similar interaction. Least squares and prediction programs have been written to treat such problems and they have been satisfactorily applied to both isotopic species $CH_{3}{^{7}9}Br$ and $CH_{3}{^{8}1}Br$.


Present address of D.E. Jennings : NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771.
Author Institution: Laboratoire d'Infrarouge, Universit\'{e} de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France; Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee; NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, University of Tennessee