THE $\nu_{1}$ and $\nu_{3}$ FUNDAMENTAL BANDS OF $SH_{3}^{+}$

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We reported a preliminary analysis of the $\nu_{3}$ fundamental band of $SH_{3}^{+}$ at this meeting a year $ago^{1}$. The vibration-rotation levels in the $\nu_{3} 1$ state were found perturbed. The molecular constants in the $\nu_{3} = 1$ state were obtained by excluding the severely perturbed lines, whereas the ground state constants were well determined by using the combination differences. Ab initio calculations have predicted that the $\nu_{1}$ fundamental band lies very close to the $\nu_{3}$ fundamental band within several $cm^{-1}$. The assignments of the $\nu_{1}$ fundamental, however, had not been easily done presumably due to much smaller intensity, until a systematic sorting of the ground state combination differences was performed on all the unassigned lines. A simultaneous analysis of the $\nu_{1}$ and $\nu_{3}$ bands was made by including the higher-order vibration-rotation interaction terms $(\Delta(K **\ell) = \pm 3)$, and the molecular constants were determined for the $\nu_{1} - 1$ and $\nu_{3} = 1$ states.


$^{1}$ T.Nakanaga and T.Amano, Paper FA5, 41st Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy and Chem. Phys. Lett. to be published.
Author Institution: National Laboratory for Chemical Industry; Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada