Interview of Maria Ignatieva by Hannah Stoll

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Born and raised in Russia, Maria Ignatieva received her bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees there. She then moved to Lima in 1992 with her then-husband and daughter, after he was hired as a playwright-in-residence in the Department of Theatre at the Ohio State-Lima campus. The move to the United States was a difficult adjustment, but she was soon hired at Ohio State-Lima as a part-time director in the theater department. She has held various roles there over the years, including directing shows, leading workshops and teaching college courses. She also founded the children's theatre program, which is now called the Theatre for Young Audiences. She is now a full professor. Ignatieva describes how acceptance and representation of international students, staff and faculty has improved on the Lima campus since the 1990s, and she also discusses how her work through the President's Council for Women has helped improve Ohio State's culture for female faculty and staff.


Remote interview.