Logika badacza i logika respondenta. Problem adekwatności narzędzia badawczego

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This article deals with adequacy of tools of research. I begin with making some distinction between the methodological, psychological and sociological aspects of adequacy of measurement and interview questions. The second part concerns analysis of empirical data with respect to showing consequences of asking inadequate questions which used tenth-point scales. Data comes from seven surveys carried out by marketing agency on milk products. This analysis disclosed that profiles of answers to each questions employing 10-point scales were very similar regardless of the subject asked in the question and product of milk. This similarity suggests that all these answers were biased resulting from asking inadequate question. One may assume that this was construction of scales which determined distribution of answers: it showed to be bi-modal and not normal as one could expect.




Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 12, Issue 1 (2003), pp. 147-175