Cartographic Syntax Approach on Taiwanese U ‘HAVE’

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This study sheds light on the functional projection of Taiwanese u ‘have,’ and proposes a unified account for the syntactic function, i.e., it is argued that functional head u ‘have’ hosts the head of Intensification, as [Inten0, IntenP], denoting an intensifying interpretation according to the core spirit of cartographic syntax (Huang 1988, Rizzi 1997, 2004a, 2004b, Cinque 1999). In addition, this study argues that the diverse temporal construals result from the semantic interactions, in the sense of (Cheng 2021, Wu and Zheng 2018), rather than from its multiple syntactic features. This study also demonstrates the syntactic position of u ‘have’ when it interacts with the other functional heads, i.e., the study specifies the actual position in the fixed hierarchical structure.



u ‘have’, intensification, functional projection, cartographic syntax, Taiwanese


Cheng, Adæmrys Chihjen. "Cartographic Syntax Approach on Taiwanese U ‘HAVE’." Buckeye East Asian Linguistics, vol. 7 (August 2023), p.32-41.