Prediction of the B_c* Mass in Full Lattice QCD

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By using the highly improved staggered quark formalism to handle charm, strange, and light valence quarks in full lattice QCD, and NRQCD to handle bottom valence quarks, we are able to determine accurately ratios of the B meson vector-pseudoscalar mass splittings, in particular, [m(B_c*)-m(B_c)]/[m(B_s*)-m(B_s)]. We find this ratio to be 1.15(15), showing the "light" quark mass dependence of this splitting to be very small. Hence we predict m(B_c*)=6.330(7)(2)(6) GeV, where the first two errors are from the lattice calculation and the third from existing experiment. This is the most accurate prediction of a gold-plated hadron mass from lattice QCD to date.




E. B. Gregory et al, "Prediction of the B_c* Mass in Full Lattice QCD," Physical Review Letters 104, no. 2 (2010), doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.022001