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Baby boomers are losing the best years of their adult lives as they are sandwiched with the burden of caring for their kids and their parents. The current state of health care is not equipped to provide a solution. We are resolving a common problem with an uncommon solution by delivering reliable case coordination by and for people who care.


I am a full-time MBA student at Ohio State passionate about aging and death after moving home and seeing that my mother had aged 10 years mentally and physically while caring for her aging parents. This got me thinking. It would be extremely helpful to have a consolidated resource that provides education, resources and consolidated communication. I am working to create an online community that does just that. We believe the resources for caregiver support and services are outdated. Providers overwhelm loved ones with information and are not transparent about expectations. When Michael Sentz cofounded CaringWire he had one thought in mind – to help caregivers easily navigate end-of-life transitions. He watched for many years the struggles that parents went through finding, hiring and managing daily routines, medical, and financial aspects for their aging grandparents. Combine the emotionally charged nature of family dynamics with a lack of transparency to costs and expectations – they discovered there was simply no consolidated resource to help their parents navigate with confidence. After meeting with dozens of babyboomer caregivers and seeing that his parent's struggles were not unique, CaringWire was born. Today, CaringWire is on a mission to provide a trusted community for caregivers and their families to learn, find support, and identify resources to make caring for their loved ones easier. By utilizing technology, we ease the process of end of life planning and allow our caregivers to focus on what matters to them. We are excited to continue to build out our mission and encourage you to share our story with others who may help make our vision a reality. Whether they are caregivers we could learn from, or business contacts who have an interest in helping and mentoring companies like ours, we welcome the opportunity to connect with them.
AUTHOR AFFILIATION: Michael Sentz, MBA student, Ohio State Fisher College of Business, (Corresponding Author)


caregiver support, baby boomers, empathy, trust, health care


Engaged Scholars, v. 7 (2019).