Po co archiwizować dane jakościowe i jak robią to inni

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This article aims at providing base for discussion on building of Polish Archive of QUALITATIVE Data. In first part, I present basic arguments for archivization and secondary analyses of qualitative data when collected. This is illustrated by Paul Thompson’s case who is a predecessor of oral history, and researcher in social history, family, and a founder of exemplary archive of qualitative data in Great Britain. Then, I present in detailed way two prominent European archives: British one called QUALIDATA and Deutches Gedachtnis in Germany. Both them may be regarded as model cases in approaching to creation of the Polish archive. In the last section I present a catalogue of the most important European institutions dealing with archivization of qualitative data, including among them not only those with formal status of national archives but also some minor enterprises. Finally, I refer to rich Polish traditions in qualitative research and first initiatives of archivization, non-academic until now.




Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 14, Issue 1 (2005), pp. 31-52