The Birds of Sugarcreek, an Ohio Nature Reserve

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During the breeding and postbreeding seasons of 1978, the avifauna of the internally heterogeneous Sugarcreek Reserve in southwestern Ohio was censused to discern trends in species composition and richness. With 61 species of breeding birds, Sugarcreek Reserve contains a richer avifauna than comparable temperate areas for which diversity values have been reported in the literature. This high bird species richness results from high internal habitat heterogeneity and edge effects, the comparatively large size of the study area (228 ha), and the recent insularization and concomitant supersaturation of the reserve as surrounding habitat became unsuitable for many species. The observed bird species composition indicates a disturbed community. Future management of Sugarcreek Reserve should emphasize preservation of extinction-prone species assemblages rather than high habitat and species diversity per se.


Author Institution: Graduate Program in Ecology, University of Tennessee



The Ohio Journal of Science. v81, n1 (January, 1981), 29-40