Voices of Women

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This episode of Buckeye History Live combines excerpts from five oral histories with Ohio State University women from the Voices of Women project, a collaboration between The Women's Place and the University Archives. Deb Ballam, emeritus professor of business and former Director of The Women’s Place, talks about her involvement in activism as an undergraduate at Miami and then her advocacy for women’s and LGBT rights as a law student at OSU. Rudine Sims Bishop, emeritus professor of education, discusses her identities as both a woman and an African-American and the impact those identities have had on the trajectory of her life and career. Shirley Dunlap Bowser, 1956 OSU grad and former member of the Board of Trustees, tells about her time as an undergraduate. Gay Hadley, former Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, talks about her experiences as a non-traditional student and a University administrator. Susan Hartmann, emeritus professor of history and women’s studies and former Director of the Center for Women’s Studies, discusses being a female professor at OSU.


The media can be accessed here: http://streaming.osu.edu/KnowledgeBank/BuckeyeHistoryLive/Voices_of_Women.MP3