An entrancing tale of cross-disciplinary bridge building and burning in ethnopsychophysiomusicology

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Empirical Musicology Review

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Having a paper accepted for publication is challenging, even under the best of circumstances, as when reporting an incremental finding in a field that is one’s home discipline. The process becomes considerably more difficult when venturing into foreign disciplines in which methodological conventions and assumptions may differ from those one is familiar with. Provocative topics may further exacerbate the reticence of reviewers and editors to welcome cross-disciplinary research to a journal’s pages. Here, a pair of papers, one of which describes a study of possible physiological correlates of music- induced trance states, and the other which describes the challenging journey to get the research performed and published, provide a case study for examining whether epistemological divides can be bridged in the face of editorial obstinacy.



editorial review, epistemology, bias, music, emotion


Empirical Musicology Review, v4 n2 (April 2009), 78-81