Indices to the Homily Against the Bogumils by Cosmas the Priest

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William R. Veder and Michael Bakker, Slavisch Seminarium UvA, Spuistraat 210 1012 VT Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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This publication lists the 2345 lemmata of the 17668 forms of the Homily Against the Bogumils in Cod. Moskva, RGB, F. 113 (Volok.) 8, in normalised orthography, both in order of frequency and in inverse alphabetical order (a tergo).


Author Institution: University of Veliko Tŭrnovo, Bulgaria
Cited works: This publication is complementary to Angel Davidov, Rechnik–indeks na Prezviter Kozma (Sofia: BAN, 1976); the frequency and inverse parts appeared earlier with introductions in Bulgarian in Trudove na Velikotŭrnovskiia Universitet "Kiril i Metodii" 15.2 (1980): 199–219, and 16.2 (1981): 93–115.
See also: Janette Sampimon and Sara Van Halsema, "Cosmas Presbyter: Homily Against the Bogumils," Polata knigopisnaia 33 (January 2006),


Cosmas, Presbyter, 10th cent.; Beseda na novoiavivshuiusia eres' bogomilu, Manuscripts, Church Slavic


Polata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures, v31-32 (December 1999), 3-18