Некоторые особенности славянских псалтырей на материале XI-XVI вв.

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William R. Veder, Vakgroep Slavistiek, Katholieke Universiteit, Postbus 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen (Holland)

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Each of the three authors presents a section describing certain characteristics of Slavic Psalters from the 9th to the 16th centuries. Ivona Karachorova (26-38) focuses on lexical features and the possible redaction of the Psalter text on which they are based. The most noteworthy result is the isolation of a group of manuscripts that arose in the 13th cent. Elena Kotseva (39-50) examines the codicological and "grapho-linguistic" features of the Psalter as well as comparing its contents to the calendar/synaxarion of the Typikon of the Great Church of Constantinople, 9th-10th cent. Music specialist, Asen Atanasov (51-71) provides tables indicating the psalm-based hymns according to the calendars/synaxaria of the oldest Slavic Cyrillic and Glagolitic monuments. A bibliography (71-75) is included. Polata 14-15: 25-26.


Elena Kotseva, Ivona Karachorova, Asen Atanasov - Bulgaria


Slavic Psalters, Typikon of the Great Church of Constantinople, 9th-10th cent., Glagolitic, Psalm-based hymns, Calendars, Mesiatseslov, Synaxaria


Polata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures, v14-15 (December 1985), 25-75