An Endangered Moth in Ohio, With Notes on Other Species of Special Concern (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Notodontidae and Arctiidae)

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Seven families of Lepidoptera comprising 184 moth species in Ohio were evaluated for possible consideration as Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern status in Ohio. Based on extensive review of public and private collections of Ohio Lepidoptera, one species, Cycnia inopinatus (Henry Edwards) (Arctiidae) is considered Endangered. Four species: Hemileuca tnaia (Drury) (Saturniidae), Smerinthus cerisyi Kirby and Hemaris gradlis (Grote & Robinson) (Sphingidae), and Grammia oithona (Strecker) (Arctiidae) are of Special Concern. The Status is Unknown for three species: Sphinx drupiferarum J. E. Smith and Lapara botnbycoides Walker (Sphingidae), and Holomelina nigricans (Reakirt) (Arctiidae). Eight species are considered to be of Special Interest: Samia cynthia (Drury) (Saturniidae), Sphinx luscitiosa Clemens, Aellopos fadus (Cramer) and Xylophanes tersa (L.) (Sphingidae), Notodonta simplaria Graef and Gluphisia lintneri (Grote) (Notodontidae), Crambidia pura Barnes & McDunnough, and Grammia doris (Boisduval) (Arctiidae).


Author Institution: The Ohio Lepidopterists



The Ohio Journal of Science. v90, n1 (March, 1990), 33-40