Why We Can Fix America's Scandal of Violence, Race, and Prison

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Ohio State University. Criminal Justice Research Center

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Institute for Excellence in Justice Seminar: "Why We Can Fix America's Scandal of Violence, Race, and Prison", November 7, 2013 at The Ohio State University. Presentation by David Kennedy, Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Joined by panelists Dr. Deanna Wilkinson (Associate Professor, Department of Human Sciences, The Ohio State University), and Karhlton Moore (Director of Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services). Abstract: The United States faces two closely linked and appalling problems: extraordinarily high rates of serious violence and extraordinarily high rates of incarceration, both concentrated in poor minority, especially black, communities. There are now proved approaches that dramatically reduce that violence while also reducing arrest and incarceration and resetting relationships between community and law enforcement. The work has revealed unexpected facts about what lies behind the violence, and unexpected ways in which law enforcement, communities, and even offenders want the same things. Kennedy, who has been central to designing these approaches, traces their development, their underlying logic, and the potential they have for resetting how the nation thinks about and addresses violence.


The media can be accessed here: http://streaming.osu.edu/knowledgebank/CJRC/Kennedy110713.mp4