Geochemical Study of Lake Erie Water near Cleveland, Ohio

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In August 1981, 88 surface, intermediate-depth, and near-bottom water samples from 30 locations near Cleveland, Ohio, were collected from Lake Erie. The distribution of K, Na, Ca, and Mg with respect to water depth and location was investigated. Surface water generally had higher K, Na, Ca, and Mg contents than near-bottom water. Elemental concentrations increased sharply near the mouths of the Cuyahoga and Rocky Rivers, and these higher levels are probably the result of cultural inputs from residential and industrial wastes. The average concentrations of K, Na, Ca, and Mg were 1.5, 12.0, 38.2, and 9.6 ppm, respectively, in Lake Erie water far from the river mouths. These values are comparable with those reported for mid-lake water of Lake Erie but are considerably lower than values found for water near the mouths of the Cuyahoga and Rocky Rivers.


Author Institution: Department of Geological Sciences, Cleveland State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v84, n3 (June, 1984), 94-98