Interview of Karen Hyland by Alice Duncanson

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Karen Hyland describes her time at Ohio State, first as an undergraduate majoring in Math Education, then as a master's degree student earning a degree in Math that was geared toward teachers. Growing up in Marysville, Hyland participated in organized sports, but she was always a member of the boys' teams (in baseball and basketball) because there were no girls' teams until she was in high school. After graduation, Hyland started at Bowling Green State University in the fall of 1983, but she transferred to Ohio State in January 1984 because of an opening on the softball team. Hyland talks about her memories of being on the team – the training regimen, the positions she played, the coaches and her teammates. She also discusses highlights, such as playing teams in the Big Ten and getting to know students who had come to Ohio State from all over the country to play softball. And she discusses the challenges, such as the condition of uniforms and practice facilities. Finally, Hyland talks about her high school teaching career after graduation, including her involvement in coaching at Marysville High School, where she worked for 29 years. In 2018 she was inducted into its Athletics Hall of Fame.


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