Observations on the Parasites (Hymenoptera, Diptera) of Trichotaphe Levisella Fyles (Gelechiidae, Lepidoptera) with Notes on the Host

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Caterpillars of the aster leaf-tier moth (Trichotaphe levisella), believed to winter in the duff under the mats of aster leaves, in May tie the vegetative leaves of Aster macrophyllus Linn, in northeastern Minnesota. Sixteen species of hymenopterous parasites and one tachinid fly were observed in caterpillars and chrysalises of this species at Eaglenest Lakes, Minnesota, in 1962-1965. Based on differences in host-parasite relations, there are six categories of the parasites as characterized and exemplified below. 1. Primary, solitary, and endogenic larval parasites in the caterpillar: Braconidae, Meteorus dimidiatus (Cresson), Orgilus indagator Muesebeck; Ichneumonidae, Pimplopterus marginatus (Provancher), P. sp. near parvus (Cresson), P. sp., Temelucha sp. near epagoges (Cushman), Scambus pterophori (Ashmead), Campoplex sp.; and Tachinidae, Lixophaga sp. 2. Primary, gregarious, ectogenic larval parasites on the caterpillar: Braconidae, Oncophanes pusillus Muesebeck. 3. Double-role parasites: as primary, solitary, endoparasites in the caterpillar; and as secondary, solitary, parasites in cocoons of Temelucha sp. near epagoges: Ichneumonidae, Scambus tecumseh Viereck. 4. Primary, solitary, endogenic larvae in the chrysalises: Ichneumonidae, Phaeogenes sp. 5. Secondary, solitary, endogenic larvae in cocoons of primary parasites of the caterpillar: Ichneumonidae, Pimpla sp., in cocoons of Temelucha sp. near epagoges; Gelis spp., in cocoons of T. sp. near epagoges and of Meteorus dimidiatus; Pteromalidae, Catolaccus cyanoideus Burks, in cocoons of T. sp. near epagoges. 6. Secondary, gregarious, endogenic larva in cocoons of primary parasites of the caterpillar: Eulophidae, Pediobius sexdentatus (Girault), in cocoons of Temelucha sp. near epagoges and of Pimplopterus sp.; Dimmockia pallipes Muesebeck, in cocoons of M. dimidiatus, Temelucha sp. near epagoges, P. marginatus, and P . sp. near parvus


Author Institution: Urbana, Illinois



The Ohio Journal of Science. v69 n1 (January, 1969), 36-52