Cost-benefit Analysis of the Tiffin River Drainage Improvement

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A two million dollar drainage improvement was proposed for the Tiffin River in 1983. Its objective was to reduce the amount of flooded land and, thereby, improve farming. The professional engineer's estimate of improvement, cost, and maintenance and additional reliable estimates of increased crop production, depreciation, inflation, and financing were collected. These estimates were analyzed by computer to determine the financial merit of the proposal. Questionable estimates were resolved in favor of the project. A cost-benefit schedule was developed which revealed that a negative financial benefit would be incurred each year and which would accumulate to nearly $6 million in 30 years. The drainage improvement project was rejected in 1988, with the rejection in part attributable to the analysis.


Author Institution: Route 2 Box 177, Bryan, OH 43506



The Ohio Journal of Science. v91, n5 (December, 1991), 195-198