Students as Collaborative Curators: The Effect of World War I and its Aftermath In Turkey and the United States 1914-1923

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The Middle East Studies Center at The Ohio State University

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This learner-centered set of classroom activities centers around the experiences of World War I, both in the U.S. and in Turkey. Educators in both countries are calling attention to the need for greater teacher autonomy despite the increasingly controlling educational policies in both countries. In the summer of 2014 many nations will initiate commemorative events to mark the centennial of the world’s first global conflict, World War I, or "The Great War." We offer this module for stimulating critical thought, awareness of global perspectives, and authentic citizenship education, both national and global.


This complete unit provides an overview (the lesson plan), all of the handouts and materials necessary to conduct 4 activities, and a walk-through of a final evaluation process. It also makes connections to both Turkish and U.S. curriculum standards.
This unit was inspired by the trip to Turkey for educators organized by the Middle East Studies Center (MESC) and the Niagara Foundation in 2011. MESC commissioned Joan Brodsky Schur to create this based on her trip experience. It was then selected from among many excellent curricular projects teachers have produced for the Center as the first one to edit for publication on OSU's Knowledge Bank.


WWI, Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Global History, Nationalism, Visual Literacy, Common Core, Inquiry-based