Ohio's Natural Heritage

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Ohio Academy of Science

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Twenty-eight specialists invite the reader to survey in a single volume the whole of Ohio's natural environment. The geologic forces that shaped the state, the colorful plant and animal life of its forests, prairies, hills, lakes and streams, the first people in what is now Ohio--these are only a few of the features which are described. In each chapter a readable and nontechnical text is supplemented by maps, drawings and photographs, many of them in color. The result is a storehouse of solid information and an excellent reference book while its popular style and striking format make it an exquisite gift for anyone. For young students, it is a gateway to anthropology, geology, climatology, and the whole study of living things. For adults, it opens new worlds of interest. Ohio's Natural Heritage, particularly because of its wide range, the quality of its authorship, and the uniqueness of its approach, meets a long-standing need. Ohio's place in history has been achieved by the use of our rich natural endowment. Our forests, soils, minerals and energy resources, streams, climate, plants and animals have been the foundation upon which our great agricultural and industrial state has developed. This book will commemorate and interpret our great natural heritage for all to appreciate and understand.


This publication was produced jointly by The Ohio Academy of Science and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.