Sustainable Futures for Linden Village: A Model for Increasing Social Capital and the Quality of Life in an Urban Neighborhood

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The "Sustainable Futures for Linden Village" project is a partnership between OSU faculty in the Colleges of Engineering, Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Greater Linden Development Corporation (GLDC). It closely relates to a comprehensive local redevelopment initiative, designed to revitalize and improve a target urban area surrounding the Linden McKinley STEM Academy. This initiative integrates urban revitalization, home rehabilitation, energy retrofit, repair and maintenance with sustainable development goals.


IMPACT. 1: The OSU project team, community partners and involved students have worked to enhance local revitalization efforts by providing technical assistance to the community and increasing the awareness, knowledge, and skills of local community residents, teachers/students, and organizations in sustainable community and housing development. -- 2. This project is innovative in that it integrates larger scale healthy community and green infrastructure planning, GIS mapping for urban opportunity, and micro-scale green home renovation and new construction.
OSU PARTNERS: Landscape Architecture; City and Regional Planning; Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering; College of Engineering; College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Greater Linden Development Corporation; The Columbus Foundation; Ohio Environmental Protection Agency; City of Columbus Department of Development Planning Division; Habitat for Humanity; SIMCO-Construction
PRIMARY CONTACT: Jesus J. Lara (; Victoria Chen (; Charisma Acey (



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