Impact of Institutional Repositories on Technical Services

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The library technical services (TS) units at Ohio State University are heavily involved in the operation of the institutional repository. A literature review revealed that the majority of articles addressing the impact of institutional repositories on library operations emphasize the role of public services. In an effort to determine if the Ohio State experience was unusual, a survey was sent to 123 ARL libraries through the ARL director’s listserv. The survey was designed to determine how the management and workload associated with institutional repositories is distributed across the library including whether IR responsibilities are fulfilled in TS and whether there has been reorganization of TS to handle the IR. Twenty-one percent (21%) of the libraries returned the survey. Most of the institutions indicated that the operation and management of the IR is distributed across multiple units of the library. Most also reported heavy technical services involvement. The fact that 86% of the technical services positions involved in the IR are not new indicates that in general technical services units have not been reorganized. Overall, there are many similarities between Ohio State and the institutions responding to our survey. The services for the IR are widely distributed across multiple units of libraries and the institutions in this study reported heavy technical services involvement. However, the involvement of technical services at Ohio State is among the strongest.


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