Testing a Formal Theory of Images of Stratification: A Proposal for a Research Design

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The objective of this paper is to propose a design for empirical tests of Fararo and Kosaka’s theory of images of stratification. The theory provides formal and axiomatic explanation of how popular perceptions of social structure emerge out of ordinary social interaction as its by-product, and the research design described in this paper makes use of the factorial survey technique, also called vignette analysis to test some consequences derived from that theory. Vignettes are descriptions of fictitious persons, but they can refer to other entities as well. A number of such vignettes are presented to respondents, whose task is to assess them in terms of a criterion indicated by a researcher.



Fararo-Kosaka theory, images of social stratification, location in a stratified system, scope conditions, vignette analysis


Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 18, Issue 1 (2009), pp. 97-122