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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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Engineering is an inherently creative process. This project seeks to engage underrepresented populations in those creative processes and in so doing, generate a better understanding of the interrelated domains of engineering, science, technology, and visual art. Due to fear and/or lack of exposure to STEM concepts at a young age many creative people shy away from anything STEM-related and self-select the arts. The project will create a pool of students and teachers who think critically about multi-faceted issues, make informed decisions, and solve problems creatively using engineering skills and habits of mind.


IMPACT. 1: Attended to the STEM learning needs of high-need populations and diversifying participation in the future engineering workforce. -- 2. Teaching design and engineering skills across the curriculum to meet the related demands of the Common Core State Standards in math, Ohio's New Science Learning Standards, and college/career expectations. -- 3. Integrating the creative arts into science to expand students' spatial thinking skills as well as their imagination and innovation capacities in authentic interdisciplinary ways.
OSU PARTNERS: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; College of Engineering - Engineering Education Innovation Center; Minority Engineering Program College of Education and Human Ecology
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: COSI; Diversity, Inclusion & Partnerships Teen Programming; Beta by Design 501(c)(3) education organization; Hilltonia Middle School; Columbus City Schools; Metro Early College Middle School
PRIMARY CONTACT: Deborah Gryzbowski (



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