A Day in the Life in Physics at Ohio State University

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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"A Day in the Life in Physics at Ohio State University" is a blog aimed at showing young people, especially females, a sense of what it is like to live a life in physics. We aim to have a wide variety of perspectives by bringing in writers of different backgrounds, education levels, and genders to tell a story of their daily life or something or someone that has inspired them.


IMPACT. 1: Since our first post in July of 2012 we have posted bi-monthly on topics that typically fall into one of three categories: personal stories, scientific explanations, or travel. -- 2. Our site has been viewed in over 95 countries with over 14,000 total views. We get over 500 unique visitors every month. -- 3. Several of our blog posts have been advertised on the National Science Foundation news site http://news.science360.gov/files/ and we are active on Twitter and Facebook.
OSU PARTNERS: Department of Physics; Department of Astronomy
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Center for Emergent Materials
PRIMARY CONTACT: Amy Connolly (connolly@physics.osu.edu)



Engaged Scholars, v. 2 (2014).