Codicography and Computer

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William R. Veder, Slavisch Seminarium, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Postbus 19188, 1000 GD Amsterdam (Holland)

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On 1 August 1980, a research team was formed at the Catholic University (Nijmegen) to create a system for description and cataloguing of manuscripts, the PCC (= Producing Codicological Catalogues with the Aid of Computers) project under the direction of professors Albert Gruijs (Ancillary Historical Disciplines) and Cees Koster (Informatics); at the end of 1981, they were joined by professor William Veder (Slavic Philology). They reviewed all extant methods of manuscript description and cataloguing including all experiences in electronic recording and processing of the relevant data, and decided to create a comprehensive system that would satisfy certain requirements.... At the end of 1983, a Dutch version of the SDDR recording software was produced for use on Philips P 2000 and the portable Osborne M 1 PC's under the CP/M operating system; also, a Dutch user's manual for this part of the system was produced. At the same time, an extensive description of the codicological side of the system was published, the book "Codicografie en computer" (= Nijmeegse codicologische cahiers 1) Nijmegen (AI fa) 1983, the essentials of which are rendered here in parallel English and Russian text, the examples from Latin and Low German manuscripts being replaced simultaneously by examples from Slavic manuscripts.


This paper was presented at the "International Data Bases for Medieval Manuscript Studies" conference at Katholieke Universiteit, Nijmegen, September 1987.
Albert Gruijs, professor of Ancillary Historical Disciplines, Katholieke Universiteit (Catholic University), Nijmegen; William R. Veder, professor of Slavic Philology, Katholieke Universiteit (Catholic University), Nijmegen
A. Gruijs and J. van Krieken - Katholieke Universiteit (Catholic University), Nijmegen


Computer encoding of manuscript descriptions, Cataloging manuscripts, Manuscript Description


Polata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures, v17-18 (December 1987), 4-29