Interview of Bradley Allen Myers by Alice Duncanson

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Ohio State University Archives

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Brad Myers discusses his time at Ohio State, first as an undergraduate, then as a law student, then as a staff member, including his service for many years as University Registrar. Myers arrived on campus in the fall of 1973 as an undergraduate, and he was a student at Ohio State through his graduation from law school. Myers talks about the many activities in which he was involved as an undergraduate, including Ohio Staters, Inc., class honoraries and the residence halls, where he spent his last two years as a Resident Advisor. Myers then describes his time in law school at Ohio State, particularly his involvement in student government. After law school, Myers worked in various administrative roles in the University's Orientation office, University College, and finally, the Office of the Registrar. As Registrar, Myers led or participated in projects that created significant administrative changes, both in the Office of Registrar and campus-wide: the implementation of the PeopleSoft (Oracle) Student Information System, the transition from academic quarters to semesters, and the implementation of the Consolidated Service Center for students, which was an attempt to provide a more integrated approach to providing services like financial aid and course registration to students. He also oversaw the design and construction of a new Student Academic Services building, where many of these student services would be housed. Myers retired in 2016; however, he later served on an interim basis until a Registrar was hired in April 2020. Myers also talks about his participation and roles in various professional organizations, including the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and Registrars of the American Association of Universities. In addition, Myers talks about his role as the voice of the automated telephone registration system the University adopted at one point. Finally, Myers talks about relationships he developed at Ohio State that were the most special to him and why, and he discusses his current connections to the University, including his advisory role for the senior honorary, Sphinx.


Interview conducted at The Ohio State University Archives, Columbus, Ohio.