We Have the Team, We Have the Funding Opportunity, Now What? Best Practices, Tools & Resources to Support Large-Scale Proposals

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To be successful, large, complex team grants require a significant amount of coordination and management during all stages of proposal development. We will present best practices, tools/resources, and lessons learned for developing large interdisciplinary team-based proposals. As examples, we will draw from our experience with several recently submitted large-scale grants, including submissions to NIH (Program Project/P01), DoD (Focused Program Award), and the American Heart Association (Strategically Focused Research Network center grant), one of which has already been funded. Our panel represents both proposal development and project management areas. During this panel presentation, we will describe resources, tools, and strategies we used to successfully work with multiple busy clinicians and investigators; facilitate the team's collaboration; manage the writing and editing; and efficiently collect letters of support, biosketches, primary technical documents, and supporting figures. We will cover tools and resources that were particularly beneficial, such as detailed timelines, writing guides and templates, collaboration tools, and project management tools, as well as tips for team meetings and facilitation. We also will share important lessons learned from these complex submissions related to identifying and utilizing existing university resources, getting team buy-in, and keeping team members engaged and on-task.