Interview of William J. Shkurti by Raimund Goerler

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Ohio State University Archives

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In this interview William J. Shkurti talks about his role at Ohio State as head of the Office of Business and Finance and as the University's Chief Information Officer, during a career that spanned five presidencies. Shkurti also discusses the challenges and opportunities the University has faced with changes in state funding and University finances in general; the University's move to selective admissions; and its role as the flagship institution among state universities and how that affects its relationship with state political leaders. He also gives his perspective on the installation of a university-wide computerized administrative system. In addition, he discusses his own relationship with leaders on the academic side of the University and the Board of Trustees. Finally, he discusses his career before OSU, his time in the Army in Vietnam, and his time at Ohio State as a student.


Interview conducted at The Ohio State University Archives, Columbus, Ohio.