The Green Building Service-Learning Program

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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The Green Building Service-Learning Program was designed to provide hands-on learning experience to OSU students enrolled in the Green Building and Sustainable Construction course for solving real-world problems. It also aimed to serve the sustainable development needs of local communities by offering research/outreach services, technical assistance, and hands-on field activities.


IMPACT. 1: Led by the instructor, students enrolled in the course have conducted numerous service learning projects under this program to help local communities with their energy retrofitting, new green home development, and onsite renewable energy projects. Each of these projects was specifically designed and executed to meet the green project requirements, community needs, and learning objectives of this course. -- 2. Besides directly contributing to the communities' sustainable development process and enhancing their project outcomes, the instructor, students and internal/external partners have actively disseminated the knowledge gained through integrated education, research, outreach and service learning activities to a broader audience.
OSU PARTNERS: Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering; Department of Horticulture and Crop Science; Office of Continuing Education; College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Office of Student Life; OSU Extension; CommTech
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Columbus Green Building Forum; Universal Design Living Laboratory; Middle West Spirits Distillery; The Summit United Methodist Church; Advanced Civil Design, Inc.; Berardi + Partners; Pod Design; Grange Insurance Audubon Center



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