Interview of J. Osborn Fuller by Paul Underwood on April 22, 1985

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Dr. Fuller’s father taught Civil Engineering at Lehigh University. After high school, Fuller attended Lehigh University, taking science courses for the engineering program but became interested in geology. He found the geology field trips to be stimulating. He selected graduate work at Columbia because of the larger stipend. He had a large variety of experiences at a mining camp in Newfoundland because they gave his title as “Dr.” Before employment at OSU; he was at Mount Union College, Ohio Survey, West Virginia, and U.S. Geological Survey. Fuller credits Heimberger for giving him administrative experience as a young faculty member. He describes some of the administrative styles that he observed and the style that he developed. His process for evaluating department chairs was adopted by other universities. He initiated a seminar series for new faculty; to introduce them to the grading systems, etc. He found that older women were excellent student counselors. Fuller’s professional life long research project was on the Sharon Conglomerate deposits in Ohio. Although he enjoyed the research, when the opportunity for Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences was offered: “But I like people so much that that was the thrill for me, working with people, so when the opportunity to go on in administration came, I was ready to go on and I never regretted it”.


Dr. Carman: Chair of Geology (p. 14) -- Dr. Ed: Speaker, Chair of Geology (p. 17) -- Dr. Fred Heimberger: Dean (pp. 17, 35) -- Harlan Hatcher: became president of Univ. of Michigan (p. 18) -- Jim Fullington: head of English to Dean (p. 18) -- Deiter Cunz: German (p. 35) -- Wilbur Stout: head of Ohio Geological Survey (p. 36)


Sharon Conglomerate deposits in Ohio, Sharon Conglomerate Research, college and early professional work in geology