Dining with Diabetes Program Development

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Nearly 1 in 10 Ohioans has been diagnosed with diabetes which, if not managed properly, can increase the risk for serious health problems, from heart disease to eye and foot complications. Diabetes costs Ohio $5.9 billion annually in medical expenses, lost work, and early death. To address this critical problem, OSU Extension's Dining with Diabetes (DWD) teaches ways to manage diabetes through menu-planning, carbohydrate-counting, portion control, labelreading, food demonstration and healthy recipe taste-testing.


IMPACT. 1: The class is taught in three sessions by Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educators and community partners throughout the state. In 2012, DWD was taught in 19 counties with over 394 participants.
OSU PARTNERS: College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences; College of Education and Human Ecology; College of Public Health; OSU Extension; Department of Human Nutrition
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: 19 County Extension Agents
PRIMARY CONTACT: Dan Remley (remley.4@osu.edu)



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