The Bridge: Issue Analysis Process -- Connecting FFA Students with Employers

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Empowering students to develop analytical skills that are critical for today's workforce and for fostering economic growth in their communities is the overarching theme of this Alber Enterprise Center project. FFA students will participate in producing the facilitator's kit for the newly crafted "The Bridge: Issue Analysis Process." After polishing their facilitation skills, the students will ultimately use The Bridge with Hardin County businesses to analyze workplace issues, determine solutions, and create action plans.


IMPACT. 1: "The Bridge: Issue Analysis Process" is a uniquely crafted process comprised of five analytical tools that leads to the creation of an implementation plan for a planned change. -- 2. FFA students from Ridgemont High School have BETA tested The Bridge, from which they developed several service-learning projects within their school and community. -- 3. The Bridge can be used by any group. Once the facilitator's kit is tested, it will be licensed and introduced to other FFA and 4-H groups, community organizations, and employers.
OSU PARTNERS: Alber Enterprise Center; OSU Extension Community Development Educator; OSU Extension Hardin County Educators; Ohio State Marion Academic Advising
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Ridgemont High School FFA Advisor (Stephanie Jolliff) and Students; Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance (John Hohn)



Engaged Scholars, v. 1 (2013).