The Essential Role of Private Voluntary Groups in Rehabilitating Offenders

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America spends $40 billion annually on warehousing prisoners, yet two-thirds of them return to prison. Clearly a new model and new partners are desperately needed. Director McFarland addresses how faith-based and community organizations (FBCO) can partner legally with state corrections? What are the most promising practices defining the role of FBCOs in providing both pre-release programming and post-release reentry services? Vouchers empower ex-offenders to choose among services to help them get a job, housing, drug treatment, and other essential services—all safely within the bounds of the First Amendment. Before release, FBCOs can assist with voluntary faith- or character-based units that meet constitutional parameters. Director McFarland also identifies sources of federal funding that can help jumpstart some of these initiatives.


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faith based organizations, community based organizations, state corrections, government agencies, collaboration, partnerships, pre-release programming, vouchers, ex-offenders, prisoners, federal funding