New Zealand: Sustainable Tourism & Human Impacts on the Environment

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The three-week adventure to New Zealand creates an opportunity to study the differing cultural, environmental, and historical aspects of its south islands. This program will start on May 8th and end on June 1st. The blended program allows for learning and direct interaction with both nature and human societies. The time spent in the classroom with examine the history of New Zealand and the tourism within it. The cultural aspects will be, while not in the classroom, visits to different vineyards, farms, national parks, mountains, hikes, a service day, and a cruise. Through these programs I will not only be given first-hand information, but I will also be able to decipher for myself the best plan of action for true sustainable tourism. I will be in the environment and see the changes that tourism and major conglomerates have changed it. The blended course of in-class and out of class learning will be the foundation for directly understanding how to create sustainable tourism in a country and our impacts upon it.


STEP Category: Education Abroad


New Zealand, Sustainability, Business