¿Qué Pasa, OSU? (Autumn 2008)

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Ohio State University

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Issue includes: "Ohio State: The Right Place to Be in This Important Time in Your Life" by Carlos Castillo; "Grasping Opportunities in Life: Dean Cheryl Achterberg Urges Latin@ Students to Write Their Own Life Scripts" by Gemma McLuckie; "¡Bienvenida, Indra Leyva-Santiago!" by Christina Cappelletti; "Farewell Dr. H." by Carlos Castillo; "Carlos Cervantes: Touching Lives beyond OSU's Campus" by Carlos Castillo; "The NASA Aircraft Competition: A Latino Student's Involvement on the OSU Team" by Alvaro Hernández and Carlos Castillo; "Transforming Adversity into Opportunity through a Mother's Love" by Jimi Rodriguez; "Promoting a Culture of Inclusion" by Melissa Bellini; "Diversity at Work: Converting the University's Goals into Actions" by Carlos Castillo; "Ohio Hispanic Chambers of Commerce: Celebrating Latin@ Achievement" by Joel Diaz; "Incoming Hispanic/Latin@ Freshmen Different Backgrounds, Perspectives and Expectations" by Carlos Castillo; "Safely Wall-ing: Getting the Most of Your e-life" by Marjorie Adams and Ernesto R. Escoto; "What Do Employers Really Want?" by Ana C. Berrios-Allison; "Thinking About Graduate School? Try SROP!" by Carlos Castillo; "Getting Involved 101" by Adam Burden; "Meet Patrick S. Osmer: Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate School" by Cyndi Freeman; "Preparing for Your Future in Graduate School Now!" by Cyndi Freeman; "Survival upon Arrival: Words of Wisdom from a Grad Student" by Susan Y. Ortiz and "La Rancherita: Fonda-Style Food in Columbus" by Giovana Covarrubias.




¿Qué Pasa, OSU?, vol. 16, no. 1 (Autumn 2008)