The University and the War

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Ohio State University

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The purpose of the film is to show the role of the university's efforts at wartime and to education.


Title reads "With the cooperation of the Commanding General, 5th Service Command the United States Army, the National Research Council, and the Civil Aeronautics Administration . Voice on the film is by Wood Pedegry, former drum major and then employed at the radio station WOSU. Photography by Lloyd Roober (Department of Photography and then later went to Eastman Kodak), script by William Parker, direction by Frank Roose (professor of art history). The purpose of the film is to show the role of the universities efforts at wartime and to education. Opens with student reading of Tolstoy's War and Peace, superimposed is the shadow of a swastika, which indicates the direction of the film. Typical scenes of the campus are followed by a football player catching a pass, then dissolves to the same person in uniform charging with a rifle and a bayonet, shots of labs of chemistry and metallurgy, followed by WOSU radio broadcasting, more shots of technology and University Airport, including trainer in action, ROTC on parade and in the class room, a shot of the ROTC artillery, horse-drawn artillery followed by motorized artillery units. 75 mm field guns in action, shots of cadets using radio communication systems, cadets building pontoon bridges across the river (Olentangy). President Howard Bevis and Senator John Bricker, or possibly Governor then, shaking hands with cadets. Shots of labs and scientific experiments all defense related, students looking through microscopes looking at eggs, engineering, followed by aerial photograph of campus. Dissolve to a shot of the globe, followed by a shot of professor Walter Midden writing words in Spanish on the board, followed by other professors writing in Japanese or Chinese, all of them appear to be writing the same thing which is a weapon, a poster that announces be prepared along with a WOSU person behind a microphone, other activities including close-ups of engineers preparing models of camouflage tactics, shots of children, home economic activities, University farms harvesting followed by shots of beef hanging in refrigerators, athletic activities including football, wrestling, high jumping, fencing, archery, women shooting riffles and women swimming activities in Pommerene Hall pool, technical shots, students in dorms discussing the situation, close-up of Mein Kampf, listening to news reports on the radio, followed by book from political science, then psychology, economics, philosophy, history and English from the university catalog. Close-up shots of variety of students, oriental, blacks, whites, listening to Dr. Harlan Hatcher. Long shot of the campus with the ROTC saluting the flag, and end with a close- up of the American flag. This film made possibly in 1939 or early 1940's to support war effort, in good shape to make video transfers.
Length: 25 minutes
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