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The Community Technology Clinic (CTC) is envisioned to be a space where engineers, social workers and community members come together to create positive social change in Columbus. Students and professionals apply their knowledge of the sciences to solving real-world problems through technology innovation.


IMPACT. 1: Provides volunteer opportunities for engineering professionals and students to apply their technical skills in a way that impacts underserved areas throughout Columbus. -- 2. During summer 2015, the CTC completed a technology needs assessment in a local neighborhood, Franklinton: conducted two focus groups, surveyed 38 residents and engaged various community stakeholders through individual meetings. -- 3. Currently collaborating on technology solutions related to job readiness and employment resources in order to increase employment rates and local community development.
OSU PARTNERS: College of Engineering; College of Social Work
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Columbus Coalition for the Homeless; Catholic Social Services; Healthy Worthington Resource Center & Food Pantry
PRIMARY CONTACT: Kevin Passino (; John Clapp (



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