Ebb & Flow: The Nature of the "Unnatural"

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The Ohio State University

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My research distinction project dived deeper into exploring the human experience and natural world through structured improvisation. How do these things intertwine as one ecosystem? What is nature? What is natural? How does authenticity live and exist in our bodies as artists? Within this framework, I hoped to learn how to navigate finding a balance between highlighting and blending the unique "packages" each person brings to a space. In other words, I sought the weaving and morphing together parts that make up a whole, while maintaining and celebrating the integrity of each individual element. The fundamental intention behind my project was to remain entirely based in experiential process, meaning that the end product was not the focus nor the main goal. Utilizing weekly rehearsals—fueled by my independent interdisciplinary research—with my cast of seven dancers (including myself), movers worked together to cultivate an immersive experience for themselves and observers, investigating and playing with these ideas in the performance space.



nature, natural, ecosystem, authentic movement, structured improvisation