Searching for current international geoscience literature

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Keeping up with the literature, efficiently finding the most relevant literature, and conducting comprehensive geoscience literature searches in today’s changing world of publication and accessibility is challenging. How well do the geoscience information tools meet this challenge? A comparison study of two geoscience databases, one science database and one Internet search engine looked at the geographic coverage, subject content, source material indexed, formats included, and currency of each in an attempt to be better able to recommend information tools to researchers. The databases included in the study were: GeoRef, produced by the American Geological Institute and GEOBASE, produced by Elsevier; Science Citation Index Expanded, produced by the Institute for Scientific Information; and Scirus a comprehensive science-specific Internet search engine.



Geoscience literature, databases


Scott, Mary W., "Searching for current international geoscience literature," Geoscience Information Society Proceedings v. 35, 2004, p. 9-12.