Investigations of Sodium Dependent Vitamin C Transporters in the Ovine Corpus Luteum

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SVCT1 and SVCT2 are two forms of sodium dependent vitamin C transporters within the sheep corpus luteum. A truncated version of SVCT2 has been observed in the human, and is inhibitory to SVCT1 & 2. The full nucleotide sequences of these transporters are not known in the sheep, but partial sequences are available. The objectives of the current research were to determine the existence of a truncated form of SVCT2 in the sheep, and to sequence the 3’ ends of both transport proteins. Primer sets were designed to flank the predicted deleted sequence within SVCT2. RT-PCR and gel electrophoresis procedures were run. We found the expected (approximately 800 bp) amplicon, but no 400 bp amplicon, providing no evidence of a truncated form of SVCT2 in the sheep CL. Forward primers were designed based on the partial sequences of oSVCT1 & 2, and Oligo dT 3’ Primer was used as a reverse primer. We successfully identified an 1800 bp amplicon that potentially represents the 3’ end of oSVCT2. This research could be beneficial in improving our understanding of sheep reproduction.



Vitamin C, Corpus Luteum